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Sintra Palace by night



How I started and who am I

MoonShadow Tours | Local Guide

sIt has always been a passion of mine, traveling, exploring and getting to know new places - something that even

today never changed. I've always had a passion for knowing other cultures and speak others

languages, although at first it may seem a little daunting.

      I admit that I have been without work and that I went through many challenges

until he discovered a profession he liked. Until I had my first job

in the tourism area, it was something simple, renting small electric cars to tourists, but

I started to think I could do more, and I had the feeling that I had finally found the

my place.

     I discovered in 2015 that I could open my company, and that's what I did, in March 2016 I started the activity. I learned to speak English at school, but other languages like Spanish or Italian I learned alone in my free time. And I never stopped, it's a work I love and I don't see it as a obligation but as a pleasure, because It’s something that brings me a lot of satisfaction.

      I can't stay still for long (even longer if I'm closed in home) and as the Pandemic forced me to do so,I looked for ways to stay active. Having a huge desire to learn more and be able to provide a better service  possible, I startedin 2020 a Hospitality and Tourism Course.

     I love taking tours around the country, seeing incredible places and learning as much as I can about them, even in those I already know, I feel like a tourist exploring, because places change just like people. There is always a side hidden to discover yourself. 

“Become who you want to be by learning who you are.”



A MoonShadow Tours has the mission to inspire people to discover the country, but also  to see it as I see it, with its magic and its unique Nature, I'm not talking about fairies or magic wands, nature itself is magical, this combined with legends and local stories makes everything more mysterious.

    I have always lived in Sintra, which has always been considered a magical and sacred place and is still called Monte da Lua because the Celts believed that "on full moon nights the Goddess danced among the stars". I created the MoonShadow Tours logo based on this legend, and throughout my tours I tell some local legends that I discovered.

      I like History but I'm not a fanatic, so don't expect me to know all the minute details, expect to be guided by someone who loves to feel the wind and get lost in our forests. 

      I'm not just a tour guide, I'm a storyteller. I don't just take a simple walk, butwe show you those secret places that only locals know about. People aren't born with an encyclopedia in their heads, so I'm always researching and studying to make it better and better. I see the world in a very special way and I want to share my knowledge and passion for Nature and History, with all those who choose me to share a different day. 

“Choose a job you love and you will never have to work

a day in your life"

Jeff Bezos 
(fundador da Amazon)

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